Personal Training


One on one personal training conducted in the water. Each session is projected at 60 minutes in length. Prior to commencing aquatic personal training an initial program consultation will be scheduled (does not have to be at pool).   After the initial consultation, an in-pool assessment will be scheduled to establish fitness levels and to develop an appropriate personal training program…

In Pool assesment

Approximately 1-2 hours in length and may be done in more than one session. Conducted in shallow or deep water.
Includes: personal health history, physical assessment, cardiovascular assessment, flexibility, muscular balance & strength.
Initial bench-marking session.
Cancellation notification required 48 hours  prior to session.



Includes: access to basic and specialized Catch the Wave equipment (i.e. flutterboards, noodles, dumbbells, gloves, flex paddles, balance boards, fit bands, parachutes, buoyancy cuffs, aquajog belts and other resistance training equipment)
Cancellation notification required 48 hours prior to session.


A thorough Postural Assessment can be added to any in-pool assessment or session. Photographs will be taken of various views of your body and then assessed for ideal or faulty posture. Information from the postural assessment will be used to add to your personal exercise inventory.
Cancellation notification required 48 hours prior to session.

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